Patient Testimonials

A little humor from a man known for his humor, talking about his new teeth!

Here's a clip from Robert!

Hi Joel,

I wanted to drop you a line to express our appreciation for many years of superior dental care.

You were initially recommended to us as one who graduated at the top-of-his-class from Harvard Dental School - a dentist who was as much an artist as a technician.

What we found was a really great guy whose talent is superior to anything we had experienced.

My wife and I are delighted with the work you have done, and cannot imagine utilizing the services of another dentist. Thus for the past nine years we have commuted from Vermont for our dental care.

Your staff is excellent, and provides for an amazingly positive dental experience.

Thank you for 21 years of painless dentistry.

Earl & Polly
Weston, Vermont

Dr. Himelfarb is the most intelligent, thorough, and meticulous dentist that I have ever met! He maintains a beautiful office with regularly updated equipment that continues to offer his patients the best care based on the latest advances in the field. His hygienist is also a perfectionist, and his entire staff is very friendly and accommodating. That is why I am willing to suffer the inconvenience of taking off a day of work and driving 2 1/4 hours to get to his office as opposed to settling for a local practitioner.

Ocean Township, New Jersey

I feel fortunate to have had Dr H as my dental professional for the past (20?) years…I 'discovered' this practice when I asked my oral surgeon "who is your dentist?""…..
Dr H. is a perfectionist… pleasing personality, excellent communicator….

During treatment he is attentive to the patient's comfort: "you'll feel a little pinch", "if you want I can give you more Novocain" "we'll be done in about fifteen minutes"

The entire staff is competent and friendly….

He stays current with dentistry innovations (new treatments/products) but recommends then only when he is satisfied that the new techniques are effective, safe and in the patient's best interest.

My wife is very happy that Dr. H utilized a new bonding technique to restore bite, function and appearance to her teeth (as opposed to the traditional, more invasive crowning procedure).

S. Ernst